Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for an order to process?

All orders will be shipped within 5 business days with the exception of custom/personalized pieces. Each custom/personalized piece has specific processing times. For current turnaround times please, click here.



What are my shipping options?

We ship all orders USPS or FedEx.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges are calculated during the checkout process.



What is your return policy?

You may return any non-monogrammed or non-personalized purchase within 14 days for a replacement or exchange as long as the merchandise is in resalable condition. Products eligible for return must be unworn and in new condition. We will work within reason to accommodate all request and resolve all issues promptly. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Return shipping and re-stocking fees may apply.

Custom/Personalized Items are not returnable. We cannot accept returns on monogrammed, personalized, special-order items, or on items damaged through normal wear and tear. All custom/personalized pieces are FINAL sale.

 NM Studio reserves the right to modify this policy based on individual circumstances.


How do I make an exchange?

Email, include a brief description of your exchange/return. You will receive an email confirming the request and instructions on how to proceed.


Privacy Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?

We will never share, sell or rent the personal information of our customers. Customer order information is stored using a secure encrypted connection. Payment information is used only to process your order, it is not kept in our system. If you have any questions email us at


CLING Decals

Why CLING decals?

CLING’s versatility makes them perfect for everything with a smooth surface. They can be applied to the wall, floor, ceiling, window, cabinet, door, fridge, furniture, mirror and even small items like laptop, glass wear, photo frames and notebooks. Removable and affordable, there isn’t a better way to express your personal style and when you’re ready for something new, peel if off and your ready to CLING again.


Where can I apply CLING decals?

CLING decals will adhere to any clean, smooth surface; such as your wall, floor, ceiling, window, cabinet, door, fridge, furniture, mirror and even small items like laptop, glass wear, photo frames and notebooks. CLING is not recommended for textured or porous surfaces.


Are CLING decals reusable?

No. CLING is designed for one use application. Once it has been removed it cannot be reused.


Does CLING decals stick to all interior wall finishes?

Standard drywall finishes with a fairly smooth surface work great. The area must be clean, dry, and dust free. Highly textured walls may stick temporarily but not adhere properly or last over an extended period of time. CLING will not stick to stucco or brick. If you are unsure of your surface texture, we suggest ordering a sample color palette which includes all of our matte and glossy colors and a sample design you can use to test your surface.


Will CLING decals damage the finish of my walls?

Within normal conditions, decals will not cause damage to the finish of your walls. CLING decals should not leave marks, or residue when removed; however, with delicate surfaces CLING at your own risk. If you have recently painted, wait 30 days for the paint to cure before applying. When removing from a painted surface you may see some paint flecks attached to the decal and minor touch up may be needed.


Can you put CLING decals in a bathroom?

Yes. Bathrooms are a fun place to CLING. They are great on the wall, mirror, cabinet, shower door, tile, toilet, or plastic shower curtain. CLING decals are not affected by humidity but make sure the area is clean and dry before applying.


Can I CLING my car or outdoor surfaces?

Yes. We recommend ordering a glossy color, which has a stronger adhesive than our matte colors and will last longer outdoors. CLING decals will not stick to any highly textured or porous areas such as stucco or brick.


How do I apply CLING decals?

Our CLINGs are easy to install. Complete step-by-step instructions are included with your order. Its as easy as peel, place, rub and remove. Click Here, for instructions.


How long will it take to install my CLING decal?

Installation takes minutes.

Most can be installed by one person but you may need assistance with installing larger decals.

Application tips: Take time to position your decal, once it's on your surface it's there to last. A few ways to ensure success: --- Read and follow the instructions carefully--- Make sure your surface is clean and dry by wiping over the area before you begin--- Use masking tape to mark position before beginning installation.


What materials will I need to apply my CLING?

You will need the CLING applicator (included with every purchase). It is used to firmly rub across the CLING during the installation process. Masking tape/Painters tape is great for holding the CLING in place during installation. If your CLING has multiple shapes you will need scissors to cut the shapes apart in order to place the pieces where you want them.


How long will my CLING decal last?

On the wall, your CLING will last for years. Matte colors if applied outdoors will last up to 3 years. Glossy colors if applied outdoors will last about 7 years.


How do you remove CLING decals?

Simply peel CLING off like a sticker. Use your fingernail or tweezers to pull up the edge, if your CLING has been up for a long time, use a blow dryer on low heat to release the adhesive.


What colors are available?

We carry 48 matte colors and 9 glossy colors. Click Here, to see our Color Palette.


How do I pick a CLING color?

Color is the best way to create the mood of a room. Use CLING to express a bold statement or subtle accent. Depending on the color combination of the space and your CLING color you can create a unique look that is just right for you.

If you are not sure what will look best, we offer a sample color palette. To order samples, Click Here. Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.


What will I receive with my CLING decal?

With your order you will receive a CLING applicator and How to Apply Instructions.

* Some CLING designs will come in several pieces depending on size and number of colors.


Do you have CLING design tips?

Of course! Its time to think outside the box or frame that is. Step back and look at your space, identify areas that flow even though they may cross over walls, corners, and even ceiling. You'll begin to see how many places or spaces CLING will work.

- We want you to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to take a CLING and cut it to work for you. Instead of a vine along the wall, separate it and have it crossing a window.

- Before you order, don’t forget about the small stuff. Glassware, Laptop, photo frames and notebooks work great with CLING.

- Do you have a place where you worry about hanging a picture? Over the tub or baby crib. Now you can CLING the space and not worry about it falling or being knocked down.

- Want something more permanent? Use CLING as a stencil. Just send us a note to reverse the image. Follow the normal application instructions. Paint the exposed areas and peel the CLING away.

- Feeling Crafty? Use a framed piece of glass or matboard as a background for CLING.